Maha Mysore Motor Sailers Navigate The Globe


Maha Mysore’s award winning motor sailer yachts can be seen the world over. Their first, the “Wanda” has spent time in the Mediteranean and off the coast of Europe. She has crossed the Atlantic ocean to Charleston, North Carolina, in the United States and also cruised the Caribbean Islands. Wanda was also featured at the Rochelle Boat Show in France.

The return trip across the Atlantic was particularly memorable because of a force 9 severe storm that buffetted the ship for 6 days. Winds gusted to over 60 knots and the swells were quite high. Fortunately, Wanda weathered the storm very well and completed the trip to France in only 20 days. This confirms how seaworthy and sound the construction of the vessel is. At the show, she won the Grand Pavois award and the event was televised on French TV.

Another motor-sailer, the “Tigara” is 14.2 meters long and was specially designed for work close to the arctic circle. The hull was reinforced to handle the ice. Her owner is a professional photographer.

Yet another vessel, the “Njord” is an 11.2 meter long luxury ship custom made for her Italian owner and is a beautiful boat.

Maha Mysore hopes to continue providing world class motor sailers to the world.

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