Rare Replica Construction Of Bristol Channel Pilot Cutter


Some of the most dangerous navigating conditions in all of the British Isles can be found at the entrance to the Bristol Channel. Traditionally, a local pilot with his cutter would lead ships safely through the channel and into the harbor. This pilot always understood the tides and knew the location of the rocks and reefs that could threaten a ship. A pilot’s cutter needed a fast, strong and seaworthy vessel that could venture out into the Atlantic to find incoming ships.

Bristol Channel Pilot cutters developed into one of the most desired designs for a sea going boat because of it’s necessary attributes. They were steered with a tiller and virtually gripped the water to avoid leeward drift in rough seas.

Today, the design is a yacht owner’s dream boat for luxury sailing all over the globe. Although is is rarely built outside of England, Maha Mysore had the pleasure of constructing a wonderful replica for a British customer. The quality of the workmanship was astounding and the yachtsman agreed that better quality could not be found anywhere.

One of the nicest things about a reproduction is the ability to use modern electronics in an ancient design. For example, a waterproof marine stereo really enhances the experience by adding a music soundtrack to your adventures.

The ship is 50 feet long x 14 feet wide by 14 feet deep and built entirely of wood with copper and brass fasteners. It also enjoys the benefits of modern sailing equipment, a powerful engine and top notch marine stereo and waterproof speakers and electronics for navigation, communication and entertainment.

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